What I'm doing now

Last updated February 2017

I'm a Principal Software Engineer at HomeAway, which is owned by Expedia. More professional details here.

My other recent undertakings:

  • Reading The Three-Body Problem trilogy
  • Traveled to Little Rock, AR for a wedding
  • Starting to work with Kafka and microservice architectural patterns
  • Committed to a daily meditation practice

(Based on Derek Sivers' "Now" page concept)

Previous Updates

January 2017

  • Joined the Women's March in Denver on January 21st, 2017
  • Getting back into routines (exercise, meditating, cooking, etc.) after the holidays
  • Reading more via Instapaper, though I'll return to books soon
  • Reflecting on the past year and what's direction I'll take in the future

December 2016

  • Spending more time helping others accomplish their goals than directly building solutions, which is pretty typical for my role
  • Tinkering with Puck.js - I made a pair light up randomly and talk to each other over NFC
  • Getting back into yoga and bodyweight exercises
  • Watching too much TV (Westworld, The Crown, Grand Tour)
  • Reading The Daily Stoic and Brave New World

October 2016

  • Attended the Reactive Summit 2016 in Austin
  • Doing the Starting Strength beginner progression 2-3 times a week
  • Reading DDD and Snowcrash
  • Playing the Dark Souls 3 DLC
  • Going to the occasional concert

February 2016